SisM is published by Hedera Felix C.I.C., to complement in digital forms their print magazine Mycelia. Both carry the same editorial remit: to develop a home for literary and artistic explorations of the weird and the eerie.

SisM is a publishing experiment in using a browser environment to publish creative work that is designed for and constructed using media formats and which cannot be reproduced on the printed page.

Paying our contributors

We are a non-profit, self-funded Community Interest Company currently looking at ways to pay our contributors industry-standard rates for their work. At present we pay them a modest rate comparable to genre literature models. If you are able to, please consider donating between £1 and £10 via our PayPal button:

As we take our first steps with SisM, we will continually adjust the project in response to feedback from the writers and artists we publish. Our aim is to make this a valuable space for innovative contemporary digital literature and art, where we can provide opportunities for the dissemination of work, the exploration of new narratives and aesthetics, and discussion.

Please feel welcome to browse the latest issue here and comment on the work, whether by Comments or email: info@hederafelix.com.